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    The turbine grinder is mainly applicable to pharmaceutical, chemical, food, pesticide, building materials and plastics industries, and is suitable for grinding the soft, brittle and fibrous materials whose hardness of Morse is less than 3. Materials such as medicinal materials, dyes, pigments, food additives and plastic additives can obtain satisfactory grinding effect.

    The structure principle of the turbine grinder is that inside the machine, the grinding rotor consisting of four groups of cutters is supported on the bearing seat of the left and right end cover by rotating at a high speed, so that the solid material particles go through squeezing, tearing, collision, shearing and other mechanisms between the tooth lining plate and the blade in the inner cavity so as to achieve the purpose of comminution. At the same time, the high speed rotation of the large and small impellers at both ends of the rotor, through the eddy current effect of the cavity form between the inlet and the outlet, makes the comminuted particles smoothly inlet (large gap) to small clearance (small clearance), and realize crushing and thinning. In order to limit the excessive temperature in the cavity, improve the comminution efficiency, prevent the particle sticking cavity, sticking knife, blocking teeth and agglomeration, four groups of wide cavity water jacket forced water cooling on the surface of the cavity, so that the temperature in the cavity is controlled to a lower limit.

    Technical Parameters
    Q & A
    Q 1: The blockage of grinder is one of the common faults in the use. Why it is said this fault is possibly caused by design issue, and more possibly caused by improper operation?
    A: 1) The speed of feed is too fast, and with the loading increases, blockage occurs. In the feeding process, it is necessary to pay attention to the large deflection angle of the ammeter pointer at any time. If the current exceeds the rated current, it indicates that the motor is overloaded and the long time overload will burn out the motor. In this case, the feed door should be reduced or closed immediately, and the feeding mode can be changed to control the feed by increasing the feeder. There are two kinds of feeder: manual and automatic. The user should choose the appropriate feeder according to the actual situation. Due to the high rotational speed, high load and high fluctuation of the load, the current of the grinder is generally controlled at about 85% of the rated current.

    Q 2: How to deal with the bearing heat exceeds the allowable temperature?
    A: The bearing heat is caused by three reasons: one is the lack of lubrication, the other is the deviation of the concentricity caused by the running process. Third, the process of crushing, too fast or excessive feeding amount.
    Solutions: If there is a lack of grease, add the grease. If the machine bearing concentricity deviation, it is necessary to check, adjust and re-install the bearing. If the operation is due to overload, it is necessary to adjust the feeding rate and make the feeding even.

    Q 3: How to deal with the reduced rotational speed of grinder or the lag of grinder?
    A: If the feed size is too large, it is necessary to control the feed size to prevent the bulk material from entering; If due to material jam, stop feeding, stop check to eliminate the situation; If the load is overloaded, the feed quantity is adjusted to ensure the uniformity of the feed. If the conveyor belt is loose, you need to tighten the belt as required.
    The above issues are all common faults of turbine grinder. It is recommended that more attention should be paid to the grinding process. Once any problem is found, the machine needs to be stopped immediately.

    Q 4: How to deal with the powder leakage of machine door?
    A: If the material blocks the comminuted cavity, it should find out the reason of the blockage, clean up the machine cavity material, reduce the feed quantity, and determine whether the moisture content of the material is over the standard. If the air pressure of zero match fan or matching fan is insufficient, the fan with suitable air pressure should be redistributed. If the seal is aging, the solution is to replace the seal.
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